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High/Low Strategy: #1 Forex Trading System


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- 95%+ Success Rate
100% Feedback Since 2004
100% Customer Satisfaction
- 1000+ Sold (Ebay + Website)
4000+ PIPS Per Week
- 70+ Trades Per Week
- Start with less than $500
Step-By-Step Instructions
- Trade Anywhere Worldwide
- No Complicated Setups
- Works On Any Chart Platform
- Works With Any Broker
- Nothing to Install/Download
Lifelong Earning Potential.
FREE Unlimited Support
FREE Trading Room
FREE Bonus Strategy
- Beginners Welcome!
HonestyIntegrity, Credibility


- Why do I sell my systems if I make money with them? The answer is simple: I want to do something that makes a difference, and my strategies make a difference to peoples' lives. I'm trying to build something, and that is far more fulfilling than just trading every day.

- My mission is to help you become an independent, self-sufficient Forex trader. In today's economy, the way forward is to be self-reliant and work for yourself. I want to pass on what I've learned, and help people liberate themselves from the corporate machine. 

- Imagine waking up every morning and knowing that *you* are the master of your own universe. That's the dream, and if you work for it, you can achieve it with my strategies.

- Want to work from home, be your own boss, and be truly free? Want to supplement your income, earn extra money to pay off debt, purchases, student loans, Christmas etc? Learn my Forex systems!


- Below is an example of a 4HT Chart: three quadrants separated by a 4HT-R line and an 4HT-S line. This is the heart of the system. Each day, for whatever currency pair you trade, I provide the charts, and you set up your chart like this (It takes literally 2 minutes, and I show you how to do this). 

- Now, this is where the magic happens! Below is an example of a chart midway through the trading day. The strategy has 3 price action confirmation signals (you'll learn these as part of the system) and once you see they're in place, you enter a BUY trade when the price rises above the 4HT-R line, or a SELL trade when the price drops below the 4HT-S line. 

- In the example above, it's a sell, and there were 100 achievable PIPS on offer, with multiple take profit opportunities at various levels on the way down.

- Another bonus: The system uses price alerts to minimize screen time, so you only have to start looking at the chart when the price comes within 5-PIPS of one of the 4HT lines.

- Also: As part of your purchase, you get free access to my newest system, the 4HT Strategy. This Forex strategy uses the same 4HT Chart, but in a different way. Both systems combined generate an average of 70+ trading opportunities and 4000 achievable PIPS per week


I compile extensive statistics for both systems (i.e. the High/Low Strategy and the free 4HT Strategy that comes with the purchase) on a weekly basis. Check back here every Monday morning for updated stats.

WEEKLY STATS: 17-21 June 2019
[H/L Strategy + 4HT Strategy Combined]

- H/L Strategy: 2905 PIPS
- 4HT Strategy: 905 PIPS- Total: 3810 PIPS- Daily Average: 762 PIPS
- H/L Strategy Trades: 51
- 4HT Strategy Trades: 38
- Total Trades: 89
- Average Trades Per Day: 18


- Support is unlimited. I'm available practically 24/7 to help/answer questions etc via email, private message in the Trading Room, and various other methods.

- I post daily visual trade recaps (in the trading room) for every currency pair (a vital learning tool) and regularly post tips, tricks, updates, and vital info about things that will affect price action/help you make better trades.

- The Trading Room itself is a treasure trove of constantly updated information that will help you learn the strategy, and become a better trader overall. You'll also find a huge community of other traders (all abilities) using the strategy, so there's a built-in support system.


After learning the strategy, many of my customers go on to earn life-changing profits on a regular basis. It's simple: if you are committed to learning, and put in the time and effort, you will be successful. Examples (posted by customers in my Private Trading Room):

**$13648 IN ONE DAY**

**$5740 IN ONE DAY**

**$7302 IN ONE DAY** 
**$8483 IN ONE DAY** 
**$13711 IN ONE DAY**


Check out more glowing testimonials from some of my hundreds of happy customers (Many more on my site):



- The High/Low Strategy is not a signals service, robot, or EA. Beginners often make the huge mistake of buying these fatal shortcuts and then wonder why they lose money.

- This system is a manual price action trading strategy, and if you want to successful, this is the type of system you need. With my Forex strategies, trading is fun, and you learn how to trade properly.

- Like anything worth learning, you get out what you put in. Follow my guidelines and put in the time and effort to learn, and you will be successful :-)

- I welcome questions, so please feel free email me anytime. I usually respond within 10-minutes, so expect a quick reply! You can also call me at the following number: +1 (347) 815-4739 (10AM-4PM Eastern Standard Time).