Wednesday, 28 March 2018

High/Low Strategy Trading Room Subscription: Option 1

OPTION 1: $75 for 3-Months: (83 cents per day. $25 per month. Paid in one installment)

  • Unlimited access to the High/Low strategy Trading Room, which is filled with regularly updated learning/training info.
  • Benefits include (among others things): unlimited support; the chance to trade alongside dozens of others in helpful, collaborative environment; access to historical chart recaps (vital for learning); access to other strategies, such as the 4HT System. The Trading Room will make you a better Forex trader.
  • Midnight Updates: Every night, via the all-important midnight chart, that contains the vital info needed to make successful trades. Without this info, you can't trade the H/L strategy successfully.
  • Daily Chart Recaps, with detailed info about the day’s trades. These are a vital training tool as the chart shows the strategy in action on a daily basis.
  • Updated data sheets (every month) and strategy documents (whenever they're updated) New strategy documents whenever they’re updated.
  • Unlimited support from me, whenever you need it via email, text, phone, or in the Trading Room.
  • 40% discount on any new strategies I create in the future, and I’m working and /or researching 5+ at any given time.
  • Free access to the 4HT Strategy, which is basically a totally separate trading strategy, and another way to maximize earnings.
  • FREE indicators. In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing two MT4 indicators that will really help your trading. One is an MA cross alarm, that sends pop-up alerts, emails, or texts whenever MA lines cross over or reverse (and it does this for 10 different timeframes, i.e. 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W, and 1M).
  • I’m also working on a High/Low assistant indicator, which will have an auto 4HT support/resistance line feature. These indicators will only be available to Trading Room subscribers.