Thursday, 20 June 2019

Swing Profit System: Earn Money While You Sleep!



- 90% Success Rate.
- 1000+ sold
- Works 24/7. Any Timezone.
- Fits Around Any Schedule.
- Works on 70+ Currency Pairs
- MT4 Alert Indicator included.
- MT4, Text, and Email Alerts.
- Swing Trading: H4, D1, W1, MN1
- Quick and Easy Setup.
- Ideal for Beginners.
- FREE Support/Updates


- Same Day Delivery via email
- 100% Customer Satisfaction
- 100s of Glowing Testimonials
- Works with MT4
- Works With Any Broker
- Works With Mac/Windows
- Learn Forex the Right Way
- Learn Good Trading Habits
- Honesty and Integrity


- Enter trades by following several well-defined entry rules.

- No complicated indicator setups, and the process is straightforward and fun.

- Here is an example of a chart with the Trade Alert Indicator installed. As you can see: clear and uncluttered

- To make things easier, the system comes with a special MT4 indicator, that sends an alert in MT4 (or via text or email if setup) whenever a trading opportunity arises.

- This means you don't have to spend hours staring at the screen. You only need to look at the screen when you get an alert.

- Once you're in a trade, the indicator also sends an alert every time the price reverses, giving you the opportunity to exit at the right time.

- The system works on 70+ currency pairs, plus Gold, Silver and anything else you can trade in MT4. Multiply that by 4 different timeframes, you can see the potential for dozens of trades every week.


- Step-by-Step Guide
- FREE MT4 Alert Indicator
- FREE 24/7 Support
- FREE Lifetime Updates
- Forex System That Works!


- I'm passionate about helping people liberate themselves from the corporate machine. Want to work from home, be your own boss, and be truly free? Learn my systems!

- My mission is to help you become an independent, self-sufficient, empowered Forex trader, and it's absolutely achievable.

- Why do I sell my systems? Simple: Making money is great, but helping people is far more fulfilling. I want to do something that makes a difference, and my systems help people to change their lives. I'm trying to build something. Come be part of it!

- My systems are the best money you will ever spend on Forex. You get what you pay for, i.e. proven quality; the best Forex system money can buy, with the best support.

- You can keep spending $20 on worthless signals and EAs, but it's false economy as they don't work and always lead to losses (as I'm sure you've discovered).

- My feedback and testimonials prove that my honesty and credibility are beyond reproach. It's not possible to achieve 100% feedback for 14-years without being honest and offering Forex strategies that actually work.


- The Swing Trading Profit System (STPS) is not a signals service, robot, or EA. Beginners often make the mistake of buying these fatal shortcuts and then wonder why they lose money.

- The STPS is a manual price action trading strategy, and if you want to profitable, Price Action systems are the only way to achieve consistent, long-term success.

- Like anything worth learning, you get out what you put in. Follow my guidelines and put in the effort to learn, and you will be successful :-)

- I welcome questions, so please email or call me [+1 (347) 815-4739] anytime!